My name is Irene. In November of 2011 my husband Walter was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Mantle-Cell Lymphoma.  What you will find on these pages reflects the best therapeutic elements we discovered  along the way. You may also find information that will completely change your perspective on illness and healing.   I’ve included our story, because in addition to the the right therapeutics and remedies, true healing requires  endless faith, strength, support, conviction, and forgiveness.


When we learned of Walter’s diagnosis in November of 2011, we were devastated, and couldn’t understand why or how this would have happened to us.  How could he have stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma when he went for a physical every year and always had a clean bill of health?

 We sought expert opinions from top hospitals and specialists, all of whom recommended a stem cell transplant, with no guarantee of success. This process not only  involved bringing my husband virtually to the brink of death with no certainty of an outcome, but also would have a negative effect on  me as his caregiver and spouse.  We realized that this was a serious  illness, but at the time, were unaware of the emotional, mental, and physical factors that contributed to the manifestation of the disease.

Utterly overwhelmed and frightened, we told the doctors that we would take three months to decide. During that time we immersed ourselves in research. Through this research we adopted an alternative protocol where we made significant changes to his diet using alkaline water, therapeutic essential oils, supplements and other complementary therapies. We did not only wanted to get rid of cancer but also transform Walters life to create a powerful and lasting life.  Within just five weeks the indicators and testing methods started registering normal.  We were so encouraged with these results that we continued with the integrated alternative methods, and continued to see improvement months afterward.  In eight months time, the PET scan showed that  the cancer had not grown but was dying, and his blood counts were normalizing.

One year out from his diagnosis, we were so blessed and thought that we were home free.  We had successfully treated his entire body, but as I mentioned, we were still unaware of the emotional and mental ramifications.  Walter changed his diet, cleaned his food of toxins and put nothing but organic products into his body, BUT failed to recognize that the great emotional stress he was under was preventing a full recovery.

What I learned through new friends I met and the research I did on different healing modalities was that our physical bodies manifest what’s going on at our mental and emotional levels.  In my husband’s case, he was not willing to see the causes of pain and anger in his life until his body quite literally forced the issue. The  cancer was steadily dying  and under control when  he was bitten by a spider and developed a staph infection. Despite a visit to the hospital after the presentation of the spider bite, he was assured that there were no serious affects that could compromise his bodily systems, yet he continued to feel worse every day.  Soon enough, he began to lose the peripheral vision in his left eye and it began to protrude outward, grow  in size and increase in redness. After several ophthalmologists were seen, followed by a  a cancer specialist, it was finally determined that the cancer had moved behind the eyes and his left eye vision had rapidly deteriorated in just five months from 20/20 to 20/80. The infection had reignited the lymphoma.

We were at  a fork in the road, and faced with a decision. We had done so much work to get rid of the cancer, and the natural methods we were using were working,  so we could not imagine him taking chemotherapy and infusing his body with poison.  On the other hand, he was losing his eyesight very fast, and we were worried that he would lose his eye totally. While the natural methods were always our first preference, the speed at which the eyesight was going was the factor that influenced us  to accept the chemo.

 When you open the space for true healing to occur, and trust your inner wisdom, you will find the strength you need to connect with all the right resources and take the right steps.  He was able to realize that despite our misgivings, chemotherapy was the right course of action at this crossroad and accepted it with confidence that, with support of his alternative protocol to boost his immune system, it would help.  Consequently, after just one chemo session, his eyesight returned to a normal, 20/20. The  full chemotherapy protocol-a total of six chemotherapy treatments once every 28 days for six months-was required, so he took  all six.  Because we had built up his immune system and fortified his body through natural means, he suffered only minimal intensity of  the resultant  side effects.  He was able to tolerate and absorb the remainder of the chemo treatments with no long-term damage to his body and no hair loss, while he continued to work 27 hours a week. Additionally, no follow up pharmaceuticals were necessary  to counteract the chemo.

Around the same time, Walter acknowledged that there was a  mental and emotional component to his illness and became open and agreeable to investigating and addressing this.  It was when he stopped completely resisting the investigation of his emotional  stressors that  his recovery quickly progressed.  After just a few counseling and therapeutic sessions, he was able to clear the emotional issues that were destroying his life.

 While many possible roads exist on the path of wellness, knowing your options and following the inner wisdom that comes from a higher power are critical to good health.  You’ll know the steps to take if you accept the truth that wellness comes from integrating your body, mind, and spirit.  In order to get well and stay well, we urge you to consider all your resources.  For physical healing, investigate the entire spectrum of natural possibilities, supplemented by conventional medicine and chemical interventions if absolutely necessary.  At the mental and emotional level, be open to acknowledging the toxic situations in your life experience, and take steps to move them or shift your negative thinking around them in order to bring joy and good health back into your life.  There are many skilled and caring practitioners who can provide you with the tools and techniques you need. Seek them out and work with them, but remember that you are empowered, the one in control of your own destiny who ultimately drives your own outcome. And above all, remember your divine connection. Like the famous Footprints in the Sand, know that there’s a loving presence in your life to carry you when you lack the strength to go on on your own, as you are never alone.

We have both learned many lessons that we feel blessed to share with you.  I say “we” because as husband and wife, we traveled the road together, and this made the journey possible.  We also connected with many other people who helped us along the way, many of whom we still are in touch with today.

We are happy to report that Walter remains cancer free since Aug. of 2013.  We built this website to offer you support  for whatever your particular journey is, and to provide you with access to many of the resources we used along the way.  We wish you good health, joy and the blessing of time.

With much love,

Walter and Irene